Pray. Give. Go.

Jesus’ last command to us before he ascended to heaven was the Great Commission—"go and make disciples of all nations.” This applies to all followers of Jesus, but how can we practically obey in our daily lives? Engage in prayer, give generously of your time and resources and go whenever and wherever you can, whether that’s to serve somewhere in your city or in the nations of the earth. Whether in small or large ways, be activated to walk in obedience with Jesus.


Revival Prayer ​

Join this Telegram group text to be a part of catalytic, multi-generational intercession meetings happening on Zoom six nights a week from 9 – 10 p.m. CST.

Nations Prayer



Africa Team


100 Cities

Tulsa/Detroit Church Plants


Asia Team

Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia Team


Revive Scotland

Eastern Europe Offering

Europe Team

Middle East

Middle East Team


Engage the Nations

Come join us this summer for a transformational experience you won’t regret! As an intern with Engage the Nations, you will be challenged to go deeper with God than ever before. Join one of our 15+ base locations all over the world and partner with our Long-Term efforts in seeing a church-planting vision come to life. You’ll have an opportunity to go all-in on prayer and worship, boldly share the gospel, experience a new culture, build relationships within the community and above all, experience God’s power through you. As a program, ETN exists to help bridge the gap between our local US churches and our teams on the ground all over the globe. This internship will deliver examples of how daily disciple-making and evangelism look. You’re invited to give three months of your year to participate in Engage the Nations!

Acts of Mercy Poland Trip

  • Dates: January 7 – 15
  • Cost: $3,000
  • Location: Warsaw, Poland

Oaxaca, Mexico

  • Dates: likely January 6 – 15
  • Cost: less than $2,000

Revive Scotland

ETN Internship in Scotland



SERVE is an opportunity to spend up to 11 months as part of an international church-planting team. Participants get the experience of making disciples, living cross-culturally and working as a team under the leadership of seasoned missionaries. This internship experience helps young people determine if long-term church-planting is right for them.

Discipleship School

Antioch Discipleship School is for every follower of Jesus desiring to grow in their understanding of Scripture, who God is and His mission for His people. Our goal is that you would learn and be challenged to live a fruitful life with Jesus through our various activities, teachings and speakers.

Join a Team/Start a Team

If the call of God on your life is to humbly surrender your next season to seeing a people group come to know the person of Jesus, then you might want to consider being sent long-term to the nations. We are actively seeking singles, couples and families to join our incredible team of passionate, prayerful, Jesus-loving people throughout the world. Similarly, we are looking for people who are envisioned to start new works in some of the strategic locations we have. If you want to know more about the different teams looking for new members or if you are curious about starting a new team, please connect with our Missions Mobilizer or someone from the Waco Missions Team to set up a meeting.

Acts of Mercy Fall Training 2022

Acts of Mercy Fall training is a six hour training that will be open for two weeks. During these two weeks, participants will complete the training. At the end of those two weeks, all trainees will join a Zoom call on November 13 to meet each other, discuss the training and ask questions to Acts of Mercy leadership.
  • Dates to participate in training: October 30 – November 13
  • Registration closes: October 23
  • Cost: $30

Acts of Mercy SERVE Year

Krakow, Poland
  • Date: Spring 2023
  • Length: 11 months
  • Amount of persons: 1 – 3
  • Prerequisite: Have already participated in an Antioch Training/Discipleship School
  • Scope of Work: Starting small house churches among Ukrainians with a Long-Term team
  • Cost: $32,000
Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Date: Spring 2023
  • Length: 11 months
  • Amount of persons: 2 – 4
  • Prerequisite: Have already participated in an Antioch Training/Discipleship School, overseas experience, high level of maturity and preferably ages 25+
  • Scope of Work: Starting small house churches among Ukrainians with a Long-Term team and maintaining Acts of Mercy aid distribution as needed
  • Cost: $30,000

Unbound Now

Unbound Now Europe
  • Dates: November 12 – 20 & December 3 – 11
  • Location: Poland
  • Scope of Work: Serve in refugee centers/on the border
Unbound Now Mongolia
4-Month and 6-Month Fall Internship
  • Dates: August through December, September through January, January through April/May
  • Location: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
  • Cost: $3,508 or $5,262
Unbound Now Indonesia
  • Dates: May through August 2023
  • Location: Bandar Lampung, South Sumatra
  • Cost: $5,000 – $5,500